Home sweet home office

I have always had a home office  but not one that was full time. Now that I have officially spent more than 6 months working from a home base I thought I’d share some of the pros and cons for anyone considering the same.

The Pros:

You can’t beat the commute. Roll out of bed and you are there. I save on gas and Zzzz.

Lunches are fantastic cause you make what you want.

I don’t have to worry about my business attire (unless I am visiting a client).

It is extremely quiet.

Freedom  – I can take a nap or a motorcycle ride when I want because I don’t have set office hours.

Quality time with kids or pets if you have them.

No rent to pay! Parking is free.


The Cons:

I drink waaaay to much coffee!

Yard work/home maintenance always beckons. “don’t work on that website, you’ve got a lawn to mow”.

Sometimes its too quiet. You start to go a little looney without any human interaction.

Suburbs are way noisier than the city. I know I just said its too quiet but thats inside. outside is a continual buzz of landscapers moving from one house to the next – it is constant in the Spring , Summer, Fall.

No snow days in the winter.

If you have pets or kids they can get in your way. Just because you are home doesn’t mean you are not “at work”

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