As a director, the two best compliments I receive are :  “you are nothing like that last film crew we had in here” and “you made me feel so comfortable”.

Over thirty five years experience directing a wide variety of projects. From corporate CEO’s, to anxious actors, and everyday kids, I have had the pleasure of directing all of them at one time or another. I love working with real people the most because they are a clean slate when it comes to the production process.  My strengths as a director lie in 3 areas:

1) Documentary style: Though I have spent most of my time in the corporate arena as a director. I have found I love working with an outline or concept more than a set script. I find the interviews and broll I gather, tell a much richer story than any script can. It is the documentary approach that enables “discovery” of the story.

2) Technical Ability: Having been involved with equipment all my career, I know what the gear can and can’t do. Is our equipment package over kill or under kill? I know workflow. Are you cutting cost on production only to pay triple the amount fixing it in Post?

3) Experience: I worked my way up through crew positions in this industry so I know how a good crew works and most importantly how to effectively communicate with them. The production process can be a complex beast with the logistics involved, the politics involved, budgets and deadlines. I try to streamline all this so my clients can focus on their message.